BOSS has supported multiple federal agencies with subject matter expertise in contracting, acquisition, supply chain management and strategic sourcing. BOSS assesses client challenges and provides pragmatic options, and also develops and delivers the training required to implement effective strategies. We have developed and deployed curriculum for Air Force Enterprise Sourcing Group, and authored the Air Force Installation Contracting Agency Market Research/Intelligence report process. BOSS is a thought leader in workforce assessment and resource allocation, demonstrated in our work with US Marine Corps and US Army contracting. We deliver small business training to USAID personnel world-wide. We deliver skill building courses at the Veteran Affairs Acquisition Academy, and have developed supply chain cost savings and workload assessment models for US Air Force contracting organizations. In these projects and more, BOSS has helped federal agencies increase effectiveness, optimize efficiency and deliver higher quality for their customers, throughout the acquisition life cycle and supply chain. BOSS is a CVE verified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB). BOSS is a partner firm in the Veterans Education Training Solutions Joint Venture.

Case Studies & Experience

BOSS developed a strategic sourcing organization workload assessment model, identifying the workforce requirements at each step of the supply chain, and quantifying the cost for each sourcing transaction

Situation: Air Force created the first DoD supply chain management group dedicated to implementing strategic sourcing strategies. There were no models or methods for capturing cost efficiencies or designing the organization to meet expected workload.

Approach: Develop an efficiency model to identify supply chain cost in process, rate, and demand buckets. Then integrate a workload model to ensure the right workforce mix is in place to meet demand throughout the supply chain

  • Began effort by analyzing supply chain cost drivers from requirements definition to disposal
  • Developed methodology to calculate cost efficiencies in process, rate, and demand cost types
  • Efficiency methodology served as foundation for first DoD sourcing transaction cost model
  • Designed dashboard interface to allow for real time assessment of workload and workforce capability; future workforce shortages identified


Results: An integrated model to capture cost efficiencies resulting from strategic sourcing implementation; and a sourcing organization workload assessment model that allows leadership to staff according to projected workload, rather than process work based on static workforce. Organic tools are now in place to track to $711M cost savings goal.

  • Supply Chain Management Process Analysis
  • Sourcing organization workload assessment
  • Sourcing organization workforce design
  • Opportunity Assessment
  • Sourcing Strategy Development
  • Cost efficiency calculation and tracking to target
  • Real time workload to workforce alignment visibility
Founded in 2008, Cadre Acquisition Group brings a wealth of acquisition expertise and proven outstanding performance across the spectrum to multiple Federal and DoD activities. Cadre currently offers extensive services across three core competencies: program/project management; acquisition and contracting management support; and professional development and training supporting a cross section of Federal agencies including acquisition policy support services at the Department of Veterans Affairs, professional development and training at the VA Acquisition Academy and support to the General Services Administration on their groundbreaking project supporting the Federal government’s strategic sourcing, business intelligence and shared services efforts. The name “Cadre” literally means “a frame or framework, and a nucleus or core group especially of trained personnel.” By establishing successful business relationships with distinguished companies who are proven leaders in their field, we bring under one umbrella a true Cadre of experts to meet a full range of the government’s needs that maximizes value, with competitive prices, and delivers solutions on time and on target. CADRE is a Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) CVE verified Service-Disabled, Veteran-Owned (SDVOSB) and SBA registered Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB) concern.

Case Studies & Experience

Situation:CMS had a need for the rapid standup of a robust contracting boot camp that took existing FAC-C/DAWIA equivalent formal contracting courses and infused targeted Health and Human Services (HHS) and CMS relevant policy and case examples. CMS turned to the Federal Market Group (FMG) and Cadre as its key PM and  subcontractor teaming partner to develop the curriculum, manage the program and kick-off the first class in record time to engage a newly hired cohort of 1102s.

Approach: Develop unique HHS and CMS-focused curriculum by creating problem cases and scenarios based on existing HHS and CMS policy, GAO decisions, and legal cases and integrate them seamlessly into the formal contracting courses across each level.

  • Built revised course modules by identifying relevant learning objectives where unique HHS or CMS real-world issues, cases, and policy documents needed to be infused to provide more targeted learning outcomes.
  • Created HHS/CMS/Federal-focused modules in key areas
  • HHS Acquisition Policies
  • Acquisition Strategies and Acquisition Planning documents
  • Source Selection Guides and Procedures
  • Contract Law and real world case examples
  • Cost and Pricing Data/Contract Pricing
  • Contract Administration


Results: A robust, relevant and comprehensive course that improved the new 1102’s knowledge and increased their ability to bring current knowledge on real-world issues to the job site on day 1.

The client stated they knew they didn’t have to worry about our ability to execute on time and on target and to achieve the course objectives because of the outstanding  upport they’d received from this team… the same ones who helped stand-up the award-winning VA Acquisition Academy Acquisition Intern Program recognized by the Chief  Acquisition Officers Council (CAOC) and leading training groups.

Golden Key Group (GKG) is a professional services firm providing human capital management, training, human resource operations support, and business improvement solutions to civilian and defense agencies across government. GKG works with clients to solve today’s complex organizational challenges while addressing their future needs. Our subject matter experts and industry best practices help deliver the best possible strategies and results to our clients. GKG’s diverse team brings a wealth of experience and expertise in government and private sectors; advancing us in our goal to be the best in our business, regardless of size. To this end, we strive to surpass our clients’ expectations with exceptional service to help them meet their mission requirements. Founded in 2002, GKG is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business with experience serving nearly 25 federal departments and agencies including Veterans Affairs, Education, General Services Administration, Health and Human Services, Homeland Security and Transportation.

Case Studies & Experience

Situation: The VA required extensive training for its employees around the country. This began with 8 weeks of intensive “surge training” with trainers teaching several different classes in several different locations every week for several months. A critical component of launching a program of this scope and complexity while accounting for other VA and VALU initiatives was to ensure that robust program and project management processes and governing structures were quickly established and well documented. Program-Based Training program management planning accounted for the successful coordination of all Program-Based Training tasks identified in the management plan as well as integration with the other VA training efforts. Golden Key Group was an integral part of the team that is providing personnel for activities supporting this effort.

Approach: This was accomplished in two different types of approaches:

  • In the initial phase of the first approach for this part of the project, Surge Training, Golden Key Group provided a team of instructors that facilitated more than 74 training days in 29 different cities around the country – ranging from San Juan to Seattle. All of this was accomplished in a mere ten weeks. All of the instructors received very high evaluations from the participants and the stakeholders were very happy with the results.
  • The second phase of the field delivery project, Sustainment Training, kicked off in October 2012 and Golden Key Group instructors supported additional courses for almost two years. The client was very happy as indicated by the exercising of the year two option.
  • The second approach was to deliver training in two HR conferences that the VA held with over 3,000 participants. Golden Key Group was asked to develop and deliver training sessions in support of the conference. Golden Key Group was key in developing and delivering part of the opening plenary session. In addition, Golden Key Group developed and delivered a session on “Consulting for HR Professionals” which was one of the most attended sessions and received extremely high course evaluations.


Results: GKG instructors provided 220 class days, offering instruction of 13 different courses, delivered in over 90 different locations, over 30 months. Golden Key Group has accomplished all deliverables to the client’s satisfaction on, or before, the due date all of which were accepted without change.

The client acknowledged that the Golden Key Group, and our instructional staff, was an integral part of the team and the overall program success.

Vysnova Partners Inc. (Vysnova) is a fast growing firm that partners with government and commercial clients to deliver professional and technical services to Federal clients on a worldwide basis. Vysnova provides a broad range of professional, technical and institutional support services across multiple practice areas which include Educational Services including subject matter experts, curriculum development and course delivery. Other practice areas include; Public Health, Research and Development, Management Consulting including Acquisition Support and Training, and Veterans Healthcare. We provide these services to client organizations at the Department of Veterans Affairs, Department of Defense, Department of Health and Human Services and the U.S. Agency for International Development. Vysnova leadership and staff contributions can be traced over decades of service with hundreds of completed assignments in support of Federal contracts where Vysnova staff has developed a reputation for high-quality professional and technical services. Our Acquisition Training Division is led by Dr. John Fallon, a former DOD Contracting Officer and Professor of Contract Management and Program Management at the Defense Acquisition University (DAU).  Dr. Fallon and his staff support a broad range of Curriculum Development, Learning Asset Development and Classroom Training engagements in the US and abroad. Our work includes large scale curriculum development efforts for DAU and a host of civilian agencies where we have utilized each step of the ADDIE model as well as other methodologies. Vysnova is a Minority-owned Small Business further designated as a Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB), and a CVE verified Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB). Vysnova is the Managing Partner for the Veterans Education Training Solutions Joint Venture.

Case Studies & Experience

Vysnova developed a best-in-class DAWIA-Level II distance learning course on Business Decisions for Contracting for the Defense Acquisition University (DAU)

Situation:DAU’s existing distance learning course on Business Decisions for Contracting was a compilation of disparate topics that proved dated and failed to engage the learner

Approach: Develop an integrated, scenario-based course that links the topics and engages the learners, as well as making the topics more robust

  • Began effort by completing a Content Analysis Report (CAR) that identified content gaps by evaluating the existing course material and learning objectives in relation to prerequisite and follow-on curriculum, DoD policy initiatives such as Better Buying Power, and Government and private sector best practices
  • Built revised course on an underlying framework that integrates each module/lesson together
  • Incorporated soft skills, industry perspectives, and best practices
  • Updated course material to make it current, along with enhancing the look and feel and interactivity
  • Emphasized planning successful mission-support strategies and executing an acquisition that optimizes customer mission performance


Results: A comprehensive course that builds on Contracting Level I curriculum and offers the contracting knowledge necessary to process complex procurements.

  • Business Relationships
  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Risk Management
  • Services Contracting
  • Small Business and Subcontracting
  • Source Selection and Contractor Responsibility
  • Contract Financing
  • Contract Type Considerations
  • Acquisition Planning